2014/2015 Winter Season
Come spend a day here at Woodbury, you're like family here!


Woodbury Ski Area is a unique year-round ski area offering skiing, snow tubing, snow boarding, cross country skiing and skateboarding. We are Located in the town of Woodbury, CT which is in the Southern Litchfield Hills of Connecticut- Closest Connecticut Ski area to New York City and largest snow tubing park close to Manhattan.

First Ski Area open in the East the passt four years; we are proud of our snowmaking efforts. Woodbury makes snow at every opportunity.

Woodbury offers convenience, affordability, choice and value. Wi-Fi access is free!

Woodbury has dedicated tubing trails, and the largest tubing trail count anywhere.

We are close by- only 90 minutes from New York City, 45 minutes from New Haven or Hartford and 25 minutes from Danbury.

We offer group rates for school programs, Christmas and weekend ski camps and Corporate Ski Parties.

The area and our lodge are available for rental at reasonable rates.

Towns can also arrange their own holiday parties with our portable snowmaking machines for rent.

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Snow Tubing  

Woodbury was the one of the first ski area's to allow sledding and snow tubing.

We are the largest snow tubing park in New England!

Choose from 20 dedicated Snow tubing trails serviced by 4 lifts.

Night tubing is available.

Our sledding and tubing courses were designed in accordance with National Ski Area Association Guidelines.

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Snow board Park  

Woodbury was one of the first ski areas to promote and allow snow boarding in the country. Here at Woodbury, there are plenty of jumps, rails, spines. It is a snowboarders' paradise.


Day Camps  

Christmas Holiday Camp

For skiing, snowboarding and cross-country. The camp is run from 10:30AM to 2:00PM each day with an hour lunch break. Packages include 10 hours of lessons and lift tickets last the entire day.

February Break Camp For skiing, snowboarding and cross-country. The camp is run from 10:30AM to 2:00PM each day with an hour lunch break. Packages include 10 hours of lessons and lift tickets last the entire day.

Daily Rentals  
A complete line of high performance skiing, snowboarding, and cross country gear is waiting for you to pick it up. Helmets, gloves, jackets, goggles and hats are also available for rental.
Night Light  
Woodbury is fully operational once the sun goes down. Our terrain is illuminated every night until 10:00pm.
Ski Pro Shop  

Open daily.

Skis and Snowboards, Clothing and accessories

Complete mounting, repair, waxing and sharpening service available.

Used equipment for cash or trade.

Our ski shop features "racing stock" skis and snow boards.

Cross Country Skiing  

Several kilometers of touring trails Our certified Turing instructors can aid you in this exciting winter activity on every level.

Cross Country equipment for sale or rent.

Cross Country lighted for night use.

Group Packages and after School programs  


Our interscholastic snowboard COMPETITION series includes private and public schools.

There are 5 events planned, all ages area included.

We offer weekend specials. Your child can ski all day between 9:00-5:00.

Once again we are offering our popular afterschool LEARN TO SKI PROGRAM! Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding! This program offers two prepaid packages (lessons & lift tickets). The lessons are one hour and then its FREE skiing for an additional 2 hours after the lesson - no further cost. If your child wants to ski after 6:00PM there is an additional night charge of $10.00.

The after school program will begin in January and continue through March. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity for your child to get interested in a new, exhilarating sport!

Corporate Christmas parties can also be arranged.

Our snowmaking machines are portable and can be rented.

Special rates are available for large groups

Snack Bar  

Come settle down after a few runs or hang out while watching the kids. A roaring fire will keep you company while you enjoy the amenities of our kitchen. The snack bar serves fast food and drinks.

Open Weekends and Holiday Periods from 9:00AM to 10:00PM. Open weekdays during peak season.

Wi-Fi Access  
Woodbury Ski Area is pleased to offer FREE Wi-Fi service to customers.
Outside deck  
On sunny days, enjoy your break from the slopes on our deck that overlooks the hill. Keep an eye on the kids or work on the tan!
Private Parties  

Gathering everyone can be troublesome enough. Why not have everyone enjoy the outdoors enjoying the activities that Woodbury has to offer. The ski area, lodge and snow tubing trails are available for rental.

For information please call 203.263.2203

Birthday paties available please call for details.

Snow Making  

If you live in Connecticut, you know that Woodbury Ski Area is always the first ski area in the state to open for the season. It is not uncommon for Woodbury to be open during the first few days of October.

Woodbury is always able to make snow when other ski areas can't due to vast improvements in snowmaking and due to it's investment in the best snowmaking technology.

Woodbury Ski Area is located in a valley which traps air at an altitude around 200ft. The trapped air acts as an insulator, allowing a cooler drier air to settle below this altitude. The temperature difference can be +10F above the trapped air. This contributes to Woodbury's ability to make snow when the other ski area's can't.

FACT: Some early fall, or winter morning there can be a difference of 30F between the temperature measured at Woodbury Ski Area and Meriden, CT.



Woodbury is famous for its summer concerts. We have a list of videos available of past performances.

Click here more concert information.

Summer Tubing and Sorba Ball

Brand new Summer Tubing!!

Check out Woodbury's natural swimming area!!
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  Woodbury Ski Area: 785 Washington Road Woodbury, Connecticut U.S.A

Phone 203.263.2203 | Fax 203.263.2823 | E-mail info@woodburyskiarea.com